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Welcome to abstract and paper submission site of PPS-2016 Asia/Australia Conference. Please note the deadline of the abstract submission is March 31, 2016 April 30, 2016. As a first step, please register for an account by clicking on the tab:
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Once registered, your account will be activated by PPS-2016 administrator in time. Then, you will be able to login and submit abstracts. We have set aside 10 Sessions for speakers. All symposiums are open. Please submit your abstract to a symposium that matches closely to your research. We may move around some abstracts if needed, but we will ask for author’s permission.

Please encourage your colleagues and collaborators to submit abstracts.

PPS-2016 Conference Website Online Registration is now open.

The PPS-2016 Conference online registration system (http://www.pps-2016.com/Registration/registration/) and the PPS-2016 abstract submission system (http://www.ppsconferences.org/r1/login.asp) are two different systems. The account you created at the abstract submission system previously cannot be used for the Conference online registration system. If you want to register at PPS-2016 Conference registration system, you should need to create your new account as well in the online registration system. Then, you can login and pay the registration fees.



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