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pps proceeding
Symposium: Textiles and Fibres
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Controlling the micro-and nanofibrillar morphology of PLA/PVA blend under various spinning conditions

Tran Nguyen Hoai An (1)*, Brünig Harald (1), Auf der Landwehr Maria (2), Heinrich Gert (2)

(1) IPF Dresden e. V. - Sachsen - Germany, (2) IPF Dresden e. V. - Sachsen - Germany

The objective of the present work is to investigate the relationship between morphology development of poly (lactic acid) (PLA) and poly (vinyl alcohol) (PVA) blends and the changes of spinning parameters along the spinline. In this study, the take-up velocity and flow rate are varied, for instance, the take-up velocity is altered from 10 m. min-1 to 70 m. min-1 at a constant mass flow rate of 1 g. min-1 and the mass flow rate is also varied at a constant take-up velocity of 50 m. min-1. Under the above defined spinning conditions, filament parameter profiles such as filament temperature, velocity, etc. are investigated using both theoretical calculation and experimental measurements. The morphological properties of the PLA/PVA blend filament in the longitudinal direction and cross-section at least eight different locations along the spinline are simultaneously evaluated using SEM imaging technique. It is observed that the continuous nanofibrillar structures can be found only under certain conditions: e.g. the elongation rate needs certain value more than ca. 2 s-1 related to a spinning speed of 20 m. min-1 at a constant mass flow rate of 1 g. min-1.