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pps proceeding
Symposium: Textiles and Fibres
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Antibacterial Property of Chitosan/Gelatin Blend Nanofibers

Habibi Sima (1)*, Nazokdast N. (2), Rezvani Z. (1), Gharaei S. Samimi (1)

(1) Islamic Azad University - Teheran - Iran, (2) Amirkabir University of Technology - Teheran - Iran

In present work chitosan/gelatin blend nanofiber was electrospun and the focus of this study was on the chitosan and gelatin concretions on morphology of resulting nanofibers .The morphology of electrospun chitosan/-gelatin blend nanofibers were characterized using scanning electron microscope (SEM).The miscibility of blend was determined using a SEM and Fourier transform infrared spectrometer(FTIR).antibacterial property of samples was also investigated.